Samantha Sweetwater


Living in the age of exponential everything means stepping fully into your potential as a conscious co-creator with life itself. It’s a make-or-break moment for our collective survival and thrival. I believe that our species holds unique keys to taking the whole Earth Project to it’s next octave of intelligence, unity, and beauty. The solutions are within us. They are here within the ecology of soul. Each of us has a part to play. This soul ecology is why I do what I do.



Civilization 2.0

The big vision that drives my life is what I call Civilization 2.0 - the emergence of a truly life-centric and love-embodied pathway for humanity to co-create life on planet earth. I’ve seen this vision since I was a tiny child. Some call it the Golden Age, some call it the manifestation of our Original Instructions, some just call it a better world. I feel it as the Age of Deep Communion - that which we be and become beyond the separation that has gotten us this far in our evolution. Having this as the image at the center of my life has impulsed me to become a coach, healer, teacher, wisdom carrier, permaculturalist, medicine woman and systems architect. It supports me in all that I do. It is what I offer you.

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Everyone Comes Home

A book. A movement. A deep truth rising in humanity. An imperative dictated by planetary limits. A possibility that exists both within and without.

We, as a species, may finally be ready to come home to our true spiritual nature, and to Nature as source and center of meaning and the place from which we relate and create the whole Human Project. Join me on the Greatest Journey our species has ever taken - the journey from Separation to Deep Communion. Together, we can all come home.


Evolutionary Culture & Community

A new co-creative culture is blossoming. Embodied. Sacred. Magical. Practical. Wise. Real. And, filled with LOVE. Stan Grof coined the word Holotropic, which simply means, “moving towards wholeness.” Culture founded in this wholeness is the greatest GIFT we can give to ourselves and the One Life we share. As we build our lives, our experience of self, purpose, value and meaning in this paradigm of wholeness, we fundamentally remake the World. My current core commitment to the Holotropic Culture & Community is One Life Circle, as well as the birthing of Soulucent Transformational Technologies.


ecocosmic Tech, finance & governance

Exponential biotech, AI and other factors place us at the brink of an inevitable evolution. Which way will we go? I am tending the direction towards THRIVING. We are a world on the brink of the most beautiful emergence ever known - the emergence of a life-centric civilization that co-creates in regenerative and reciprocal loops with all of life. I curate consciousness, culture, capacity, memes and relationships that co-steward the emergence of an auto-poetic, omni-considerate, anti-fragile, and ultimately magical culture of co-creation with life and with love. I work with projects, like, stewarding emergent economy, governance and patterns for human participation and work.



Let the universe sing yoU

There is a song at the center of creation.

It is the sound of Awe.

There is no other.  Nothing can be divided.

Oneness excludes nothing.  No exceptions.

Unconditional love includes all things. 

~Samantha Sweetwater