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Our church, One Life Circle, is a global community of re-membering - a plant medicine ministry dedicated to the emergence of a culture of wholeness through soul realization and the restoration of our intimacy with and belonging to life.


We offer healing and prayer ceremonies, Comm::Unity gatherings, soul mentoring, rights of passage, and wisdom education for individuals, families, organizations and communities. 


Our daylong ceremonies are a time for prayer, healing, reflection, embodiment, nature, story telling, and connection. We ask that you come with clear intentions, a good mind, a good heart and in a good way. 



Our Agreements:


1.     Belonging: I agree that I belong here. I am willing to set down any part of myself that perceives myself or another as "an other."


2.     Sacredness: I agree that the work we do here is sacred. I am open to a greater perception of myself, the world and consciousness.


3.     Respect: I agree to respect myself, others, facilitators, the space and the ceremony.


4.     Self-Responsibility: I agree to take full responsibility for my good behavior, for my mental, emotional and spiritual health and to articulate my needs and boundaries.


5.     Presence: Time, energy and attention are the primary currencies of a human life. I agree to bring my full attention, awareness and authenticity to the space and the process.


6.     Love: I agree that love is the highest form of safety and will offer love forward to co-create a space of safety and trust. Additionally, I agree that love means offering active listening, attending to consent for myself and others, and keeping my agreements.


7.     Reciprocity: I recognize that I am interdependent with the Sacred Hoop of Life. As I receive, so will I give.


8.     Confidentiality: I agree to hold everything that happens in Circle in confidence.


9.     Sexual Integrity: Aliveness is erotic. Due to the energetic openness that this work creates, I agree to refrain from sexual interactions during Circle. I acknowledge that my sexuality is sacred and is mine to heal and enjoy. I honor my own sexuality and the diverse sexuality of all beings.


10.  Tech Fast: I agree to abstain from device use during Circle. If I have a hard time with this, I agree to give my phone to a facilitator. (Exceptions granted for parents and caregivers.)




Physical preparations:  


Arrive well slept, well fed and well hydrated. Wear comfy clothing. There are no hard dietary restrictions with this work. But, we recommend refraining from alcohol for two days before and after Circle, and eating cleanly. Eat a healthy breakfast the morning before Circle.


We fast for the duration of the Circle. 


Keeping hydrated is important. Bring a wide mouth water bottle with a sealable lid for your personal use. 



Psychological preparation: 


Prayer is practical. To prepare, get real with yourself. We highly recommend journaling prior to Circle to focus your thoughts and energy.


What are you grateful for? What are you struggling with? Where do you need help?


What situations or people do you need to forgive? How can you more fully love yourself? Where do you need more clarity, passion or purpose? What habitual habits of mind or identity are you ready to release and recalibrate? What bigger vision and commitment await your trust in yourself? What do you really, really want? 





Integration is as important as the experience itself. Respect and the medicine by yourself by allowing spaciousness to integrate. Know that you are likely to be tired and mellow the day after. Plan your Sunday as a quiet day of rest, nature, connection and embodiment. DO not make big plans or spend much time on screens. 


Recognize that integration can be a long and subtle process. It is good to journal the day after Circle and to return to your journaling in a week, a month and/or a year to track your own transformation. 



What to Expect:


One Life Circle is a community affair. We gather in Circle to work with the medicine of connection as a pathway to heal our relationships with ourselves, each other, our families and the big Human Family. 


One Life Circle is a three round healing and prayer ceremony that lasts approximately 10 hours. We open with the Gratitude Round where people share their prayers as they partake in sacrament. The Healing Round follows, during which much healing, story telling, connection and authentic sharing occur. Nature time is also encouraged during the Healing Round. This is followed by the Sharing Round, during which each person shares in brief what she or he is taking home from the circle. We finish with the Water Prayer and Smoking the Pipe. Then, we eat. :-) 


Our sacrament is kind, subtle and mysteriously strong. It radically expands the aperture of your attention. It's an expert at helping you to fall in love with yourself - if you ask it. It serves both love and discernment and adores truth telling. It feeds both openness and clarification of needs and boundaries. If you are committed to wallowing in negative emotions, it will amplify that, too. So, work with authenticity and be open to choosing the better perspective on yourself and your life. 


Expect heightened attention, intention, insight, emotion and awe. 


Occasionally, people feel nauseous and/or "get well" (throw up). If this is the case, rest assured that you are being given an opportunity to let go of trauma, toxins or emotional blocks. We will take good care of you.



Being comfy:  


Dress comfortably in clothing you can move in. Outdoor time is encouraged, so bring clothing appropriate for your environment. 





If you are a sacred musician or singer, please bring your instrument(s) to share a song.



FAQ’s for Huachuma Work:


  • How will I feel during the work?

    • The medicine creates an amplified experience of attention and feeling. 

    • Physically, you are likely to feel light and soft - a little like you are melting and floating at the same time. You may also feel increased strength, pleasure or exhaustion. It does not totally “take over” your experience. You will be alert and connected to your body and your surroundings.

    • Emotionally, anything can arise. The medicine un-freezes stuck emotions. This can be counter intuitive. Sometimes, when you think you need to cry, you may actually experience joy. Sometimes, under gratitude, is deep grief. 

  • Will I get nauseous?

    • Maybe. Somewhere between 30-40% of people experience mild nausea at some point during the work, which usually passes within 20-30 minutes.

    • Approximately 5% of people “get well,” which means “throw up.” This happens when the medicine is addressing emotional blockage, trauma or toxins stored in the body. It’s a healing gift. It is not something to fear. 

  • What if nothing happens?

    • Something will happen. Different bodies and brains have very different tolerance and metabolism of the medicine. We work with your body to support your optimal experience.

    • Sometimes it’s a subtle experience. That’s OK. Be open to feeling your body, noticing your attention and noticing your thoughts and emotions shift in subtle ways.

    • You are free to request more medicine. 

  • What if I “have a bad trip?”

    • Generally, a “bad trip” happens only when set and setting are insufficient. You have already done great work on “set,” ie. preparation and mindset, and you on your way to a beautiful and safe setting.

    • Some trips bring up difficult material. This is not bad. Actually, it is good, providing you are willing, resourced and supported to be with the material for the purpose of growth and integration. 

  • Will I be “normal” the next day.

    • Yes. You are likely to feel tired and/or mentally under-resourced. You may also feel extremely emotionally open and want to connect with your closest loved ones and family. This is natural. Assume that the day after ceremony will be a mellow rest day. Do not plan work for the day after. 



Last words:


We are all designed to do this work. We evolved with plants, animals, prayers and other people. Come with curiosity and availability to who and what you really are, and we shall carry the sacred spiral forward together.

Everything you need to know to prepare for and navigate your ceremony
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We're all praying the One Human Prayer. 

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