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Remember the Miracle

Remember the Miracle. It's called Life, and it's happening in, as, through and all around you all the time.

We're living in an extremely potent time - a time when human endeavor will either wreck the planet or we will rise in collaboration with all of life as a force for regenesis, beauty and peace.

In this time, we have access to EVERYTHING: knowledge, connectivity, technology and psychedelics, yet we are increasingly impoverished in our connections with each other, nature and meaning.

As we face an increasingly heated crucible of societal and ecological chaos driven by exponential tech, we face a choice: collapse into fear, scarcity, alienation, blame and shame, or rise in shared abundance, collaboration and regeneration.

If we choose the later, we can receive this evolutionary moment as an opportunity to re-imagine who and what we are and can be in relationship to ourselves, each other and our planet. This choice represents a fork that will determine what kind of individual health, happiness and success we have access to, what individual and collective timelines we experience, and what the future will look like for our kids and grandkids. Like it or not, this is a destiny moment that will determine the future for both of humans and all other organisms with whom we share this biosphere.

So... lean in with me. Choose life. Choose to be courageously open to the beauty, the pain, the sensate process of loving and participating fully.

In this time, we have the opportunity to live the most meaningful lives of any humans who have ever lived... we have the opportunity to co-create miracles.


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