Evolutionary Soul Mentoring

“You have to do it by yourself. You can not do it alone.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh

You are the future. What’s within you can not be known by any other name. I’m here to help you bring your soul’s gifts forward, to love out loud, to drop your armors and blocks, and to celebrate your one precious life!



OK. It’s time to get out of the way. It’s time create your dream, manifest that vision, ground your leadership and take your finances and life to the next level.

You are an evolutionary leader, and I am here to help you co-create the world our hearts know to be true.

I’m here to support you to RISE. Elevate your frequency. Establish mindset, visioning, core healing, ongoing self-care practices, and strategy. Make it happen.

Soul Medicine Immersions: When you’re in a big transition

I'm here at the crossroads: intuitive, guardian, ally, strategist, healer & friend gently guiding your path home.

Soul Medicine Immersions are a depth dive - a non-ordinary and sacred experience to recover your center, transcend fear, release grief and trauma, heal your heart, and truly shine forward through a higher vision of yourself, of life and of Spirit. This work is for you if you are ready to let go, heal and truly come home.



Soul Branding & Curriculum Design

There’s a place where the calling of the world meets the irreplaceable magic within you. It’s a kiss where impact, success and abundance are made real. It’s the space where your unique purpoe comes forward to co-create the course of this world. THIS is the place you want to be with your business and your brand. A soul brand is like a chalice. It gives and receives. It contains and makes manifest that which can only be shared when it has a clear form.

Some people spend their entire life serving the visions of others. This isn’t you. You are here to build, to teach, to create at the growing edge of consciousness and culture. After I lifetime of doing just this, I’d love to share my expertise with you.