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Don't let anyone tell you
“you can't change the world."
Trust the wise seed within your soul!
About Samantha Sweetwater

Author, educator, ceremonial guide, and executive coach. For over 30 years, Samantha has facilitated individual and group transformational experiences in diverse communities, cultures and industries on five continents. Her work leading conversations about our relationships with the earth, spirituality, and systems change is transforming the way we think about what it means to be human.

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The Wisdom of WTF?!? is your guide to taking your first steps to unfuck our world.
The Wisdom of WTF ?!? will help you:
  • Find and listen to the intelligence of your soul

  • Become more attuned to the calling of the world

  • Activate the wisdom of your inner rebel warrior self

  • Embrace your role as a First Responder

Most of us know intuitively that everything is not OK.

We know we've been fed false promises and shallow stories.

Most of us have a sense that there's a better way to be human -

to bring forth the reality of a more just, humane and beautiful world.

We know in our bones: this potential world lives in us.

It wants to be born through our souls.

Very few know where to start. 

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