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Samantha Sweetwater
Awakening Coach | Medicine Woman

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I’m a co-creator of the New World. Words often applied to me: freedom warrior, goddess, systems theorist, shaman, dancer, earth mama, healer, lioness. My unique expertise: I have never been able to be or create anything other than the authentic impulse of my soul. Because of this, I have developed a special ability to support you in the courageous unfurlment of your relationships, career and leadership in alignment with your soul.



For over 30 years, I have pioneered Embodied Awakening through the creation of soul-centric businesses, art and evolutionary culture.  As the founder of Dancing Freedom & PeaceBody Japan, I built a global movement touching tens of thousands of lives and training hundreds of facilitators on five continents.  I’ve presented at Bioneers, Esalen, SAND, Lightning in a Bottle, The Economics of Peace Conference and more.

As the current Spiritual Director of One Life Circle, I hold intimate ritual space for core healing & empowerment.

As a Coach & Soul Guide, I see who you truly are. I hold space for your radiance to rise, for the release of trauma and blocks that no longer serve, and for the manifestation of your greatest gifts in the world.

Our work together is sacred. The path of your soul is infinitely valuable.

I invite you to join me in living and loving(!) your life in service to All of Life.




My life has fundamentally changed. I meditate everyday and stay connected to Source. I wake up in love and appreciation every morning. WOW.
— Leiasa Beckham
Working with Samantha helped me find relief and healing from the oppressive darkness of depression and anxiety. Her focused insight, wisdom and support have helped me embrace a life where love wins, gratitude transforms, and right thinking brings ease and peace to my connections and experiences.
— Debbie Cook
There is no way I could have gotten this far without you. You’ve showed me how to heal the unhealable. Thank you!
— Vladislav Davidson

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